PT Torino

With a great passion for trousers, PT Torino is on a mission to revive the market of tailored men's pants. Now, fifty years later, they have clearly accomplished this. PT Torino "Pantaloni Torino" has transformed it's pants into a must have in a man's wardrobe, trousers that are an object of desire. We have many styles of PT Torino pants and jeans made with exceptional fabrics such as wool, flannel, cotton, denim and corduroy stretch.

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PT Torino Men's Jeans
PT TORINO Jeans on sale everyday. I very nice variety of seasonal and all year fabrics. TP Torino 5 pocket jeans models available include 'Swing' super slim fit and 'Soul' slim fit. PT Torino is one of the leading designers for Men's jeans in Italy. 

PT Torino Men's Pants
PT TORINO Pants, we have a style for every occasion. Some of the best pants in the world, style and wearability come together to make an unmatched trouser business. PT Torino pants are detailed with endless fun and interesting linings that add to the overall wearing experience. 

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